Alex Cuciurean

I define myself by being an inventor at times, an innovator at work, an entrepreneur in the future.

An Inventor

Once upon a time, when I was a little child, whenever someone asked me what I would like to become when I grew up, I always replied:

An inventor!

Growing into a teenager, I started to have an inventions notebook. Well, I found out that most of them got implemented, even if I did not know about their implementation. Embarrassing and disappointing, right? Not actually, because that way of thinking was always a part of myself.

Even today, I surprise myself by thinking about ideas and approaches that I later read about already taken to the next level. I find it encouraging and reassuring whenever that happens. I would love to discuss further with the authors who think the same way. Together we can be stronger and better!

An Innovator

I have been marching towards being a highly paid IT professional in the meantime. It took over almost all my free time. It also enlarged my knowledge and made me think globally by working day by day in an online field with people from all countries, cultures, religions and time zones. Many coworkers tend to value my opinion, trust my recommendations and follow my advice. I hope you are going to do the same! 

One of my core skills in the work field is viewing various topics from a different perspective. I guess I have always been an innovator, experimenter and designer. Even if it was for simple home activity or a work project, imagining future ways of using existing devices, technologies, and methodologies, or thinking of what could replace them, was my favourite activity. If you are interested in more work-related endeavours check my Linkedin profile.

An Entrepreneur

By now, I got enough experience to start my startup. I have not done it so far but had not given up on the idea either. As of now, I prefer to consult, train and coach others. Other times, I take a fresh new look at solving their project problems. I do apply my forward-thinking and entrepreneurial approach to the stock market, but that is a different topic.
Why am I sharing these ideas? What if someone else stills me? Well, that is not the point. The point is the beauty of ideas. Think about it! If I had been working to implement and bring it to the market, I would have not published it without a business plan and a good marketing plan. Besides, I know I can always come up with a new and better idea. Standard disclaimer applies: If you get inspired and build a 1 billion dollar startup by reading this site, remember me with 0,1% of it. That makes it a million-dollar idea, right?

I have the same sharing approach to stock market investing ideas. I share them and debate them with a group of friends on groups. Why not? A market is a place for everyone to make money. The same applies to professional knowledge. One of the core values that I try to transmit to the people I coach is: If you know something, teach others to do it too! This way, you will not be the only one able to do it, and you will have enough time to learn something new and perhaps even advance in your career.

In case you want to discuss further one of the ideas, or you want me to further work on the design of it, feel free to contact me using the form below. I’m sure we could agree on the terms of a consultancy contract, or if the right spark happens, we can even work on building it together.