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A simple idea for Raspberry Pi

Among the rather cheep devices I usually call gadgets, my Raspberry Pi has a very special place. This thingy computer which I usually call the smallest laptop in my home is way cool with it’s multiple possibilities most of them well documented too.

The only thing I don’t like about it it’s formatting the Micro SD thing, once in a while when I want to reinstall it’s operating system from scratch.

Managed to do that once using an old phone as the Micro SD card reader, now I’m doing it using an old 3G stick that has a Micro SD card port – but start to wander why? Wouldn’t be simpler to just connect it to my computer?

How difficult would be to add a button to it, to use it as a Micro SD card adapter? Think of it, you already connect it with an USB cable to your laptop for example to power it up, you could use the same cable to format it or transfer data to it. Would be a lot easier than looking through all the old junk you no longer use to find a Micro SD card adapter or something that could replace it.

Even further, that button could have 3 positions:

  • Normal usage of the SD card for the little beast OS
  • Data storage/format from computer
  • Input port for different programs. A small app from the laptop could control that port and send multiple sequences of bits to it, then you’ll use the RaspberryPi to receive those packets. Could have some applications in testing or even automation.

Was just thinking of it…

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