Artificial Intelicence
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During a long session of face to face meetings, more like a working session for deployment automation or how I used to joke about it, during a mad ‘rocket scientist’ meeting (off course exaggerating a lot the complexity of the problems we were trying to address), I couldn’t get this  out of my head: We’re […]

Amazon Alexa

Internet of things (IoT) for all of them

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I’m wondering why it takes so long for Internet of Things (IoT) to be a pert of our day by day life. Yes, I’m currently able to control many things from my home with my mobile phone, some of them even remotely over the internet, but still, it doesn’t feel like a strong ‘need’, a […]


New feature for Chromecast

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I love my Chromecast little stick and I tend to use it even for Smart TVs. It’s easy to command and I can easily play my favorite youtube videos or youtube playlists. I also love about it that it defaults (when nothing is streamed to it) to a nice app that simply shows beautiful nice […]

Personal Computers

A simple idea for Raspberry Pi

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Among the rather cheep devices I usually call gadgets, my Raspberry Pi has a very special place. This thingy computer which I usually call the smallest laptop in my home is way cool with it’s multiple possibilities most of them well documented too. The only thing I don’t like about it it’s formatting the Micro […]