IT Recruiting

Technical Interview Method

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Sometimes Innovation is simply about doing a normal thing in a different way. It doesn’t have to be rocket science if it brings an improvement to an existing tool or process. With this in mind, you can read below my personal developed technical interview method. I applied it multiple times and as far as I […]


RPA for Mobile devices

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Since I haven’t changed my mind in the mean time (I rarely do) and still believe that Smartphones will replace laptops eventually, I’m thinking why there isn’t an RPA for Mobile devices just yet? Perhaps Apple is breaking the ice towards it through Shortcuts app, introduced in iOS 12 and standardized as a built in […]

Artificial Intelicence
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During a long session of face to face meetings, more like a working session for deployment automation or how I used to joke about it, during a mad ‘rocket scientist’ meeting (off course exaggerating a lot the complexity of the problems we were trying to address), I couldn’t get thisĀ  out of my head: We’re […]