Amazon Bees and Amazon Beehive

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Hey Amazon, why Amazon Snowball is not elastic too? Yes you can scale it up, but you are never able to scale it down too. It might be just me but 100 TB seems very large for most of IoT devices. This looks to me like a waste of resources and well, too much of […]

3D Printing

Recycling Plastic and 3D Printing

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I’ve been thinking of this idea for a while, debating to post it or to actually build a proof of concept and a startup around it. Posting the idea won this time, well, because I realize I couldn’t do this all by myself, a startup would require too much time and I’m not sure yet […]


Narrowband IoT in Airports

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You would assume this idea came to me while doing extensive traveling for work. Although I did travel a lot for work last year, spending 2 months in hotels in 3 business trips and earning a lot of flight miles, that is not the case. It simply came to me while having a discussion with […]