Cloud Tough Leadership: The next cloud battles

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Cloud Tough Leadership: Cloud Battles

In a Saturday afternoon discussion, I started to think about the macro trends in IT, trying to foresee where AWS & Azure will go. We all know the cloud battles are currently undergoing. We also know that there are very few things we can do to influence them. Still, for some of us, the question […]


High Availability Prerequisites

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High Availability Layers

Introduction This post is not so much about Innovation, it does not present new and possible good ideas, but it serves Innovation in rather a different way. Whenever an innovative idea requires an IT implementation, best practices should be followed and I found that most of the times the High Availability topic is rather misunderstood […]


All code fully documented versus Serverless cloud computing

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frugally reading through the documentation provided by AWS and Azure for Serverless computing, I realized that the core part of the idea of All Code fully documented is not that different. Especially if you think at: AWS Serverless Application Repository Microsoft Azure Market Place Google Cloud Functions It’s pretty much the same concept, in a different […]