RPA for Mobile devices

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Since I haven’t changed my mind in the mean time (I rarely do) and still believe that Smartphones will replace laptops eventually, I’m thinking why there isn’t an RPA for Mobile devices just yet? Perhaps Apple is breaking the ice towards it through Shortcuts app, introduced in iOS 12 and standardized as a built in […]


High Availability Prerequisites

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High Availability Layers

Introduction This post is not so much about Innovation, it does not present new and possible good ideas, but it serves Innovation in rather a different way. Whenever an innovative idea requires an IT implementation, best practices should be followed and I found that most of the times the High Availability topic is rather misunderstood […]


Profile Validation Watermark

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Problem: How do you know if a conversations you are having on a Social Network is happening with a genuine person? Example of the problem: A Facebook friend complained that another person has stolen her pictures and added them to his/her profile, creating a false image for the account and also confusing the friends of […]

Artificial Intelicence

All Code fully documented

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Problem: All code should be fully documented! We shall never see an example of working code which is not being documented. One of my all time best friend came with this problem to me. He’s well above the level of senior developer and I have to admit, when it comes to me, I have never […]