Smart fitness tracker for traditional watches

I recently searched for a fitness bracelet that would be able to track my daily movements and my heart rate and store it in Google Fit.  Nothing too special, there are plenty of options from multiple vendors with various prices. You can even chose an ankle bracelet, a smart ring, or a belt magnetic pedometer. As you can see, there are already plenty of options.

However, I love my traditional watch. Nothing too extravagant for now, just very reliable Longines Conquest Automatic Watch with a GMT complication for dual time zone. Why I like it so much? Well, because it’s automatic therefore I don’t need to charge it, it’s fashionable with an old school allure, it’s reliable and it’s blue. Going back to my search for a smart fitness tracker I realized that a fitness bracelet will not fit at all with the style of my favourite traditional watch. This is how I got to discover the ankle bracelets or the smart ring. Still, somehow they don’t manage to tempt me that much. Then during a rough morning, the following idea stroke me:

What if the bracelet of my traditional watch was ‘smart’?

Could a fitness tracker be designed as a bracelet for traditional watches, being capable to measure my movements, my heart rate and store them into the cloud or in Google Fit? I suppose the answer is easily yes, we already have the technology for it, it’s just that this option is not yet on the market. It doesn’t even need to have a display, everything could be tracked on the smartphone. It doesn’t need to look ‘smart’ or ‘high tech’, it can simply look as it’s looking now but have this smartness incorporated into it. At least personally I would prefer for my watch to remain traditional, both because of it’s looks and it’s functionality but I would enhance it with a fitness tracker for traditional watches. I really don’t need another device that I have to charge periodically. Still, I am tempted of the benefits of fitness bracelet. The temptation is not that big, I will not start using a smart watch just for that, still, if I could have a bracelet for it that would do limited smart tracking functions, I believe that would be a win-win situation at least for myself. If the bracelet would also charge automatically, it would be literally perfect, but I wouldn’t mind chagring it every now and then.

What do you think, could you design it and make a smart fitness tracker bracelet for traditional watches?

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