Cloud Tough Leadership: The next cloud battles

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Cloud Tough Leadership: Cloud Battles

In a Saturday afternoon discussion, I started to think about the macro trends in IT, trying to foresee where AWS & Azure will go. We all know the cloud battles are currently undergoing. We also know that there are very few things we can do to influence them. Still, for some of us, the question […]


Robot Vacuum Cleaner Feature Request

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Following money management advice: “Invest in service that saves your time”, last year I went and bought a Robot Vaccum Cleaner. To mee, the one hour and a half, two hours that I was spending weekly vacuuming and mopping my Berlin flat, could have been spent better. I do like my apartment to be clean; […]

Artificial Intelicence

2050 – The Age of Robots has started!

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The Age of Robots

Introduction It’s 2050 and Robots are already part of our everyday life. All economic sectors are now dependent on them. Someone looks back and asks himself when The Age of Robots has started? Short History The first instance of a mechanical device built to regularly carry out a particular physical task occurred around 3000 B.C. […]


Narrowband IoT in Airports

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You would assume this idea came to me while doing extensive traveling for work. Although I did travel a lot for work last year, spending 2 months in hotels in 3 business trips and earning a lot of flight miles, that is not the case. It simply came to me while having a discussion with […]

Amazon Alexa

Internet of things (IoT) for all of them

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I’m wondering why it takes so long for Internet of Things (IoT) to be a pert of our day by day life. Yes, I’m currently able to control many things from my home with my mobile phone, some of them even remotely over the internet, but still, it doesn’t feel like a strong ‘need’, a […]


New feature for Chromecast

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I love my Chromecast little stick and I tend to use it even for Smart TVs. It’s easy to command and I can easily play my favorite youtube videos or youtube playlists. I also love about it that it defaults (when nothing is streamed to it) to a nice app that simply shows beautiful nice […]